Welcome to the Wagga Wagga Health Service (WWHS) Redevelopment Project information page. This section outlines the key elements included in the project, frequently asked questions and project planning and progress.

The redevelopment of WWHS will provide the Murrumbidgee regional community with expanded and quality health services based in Wagga Wagga. The project will expand and refresh this key health service positioned in the largest city in the district.

3D render of overall WWHS redevelopment project

Above: 3D render of overall WWHS redevelopment project.

Project Summary

The current project encompasses Stage 1 and 2 of an overall master plan for the Wagga Wagga Health service site. This Master Plan is now being assessed by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.


Stages 1 & 2 have a capital budget of $270.1 million with funding of $215 million from the State Government and $55.1 million from the Commonwealth’s Health and Hospital Fund. A further $12 million has been allocated from the Commonwealth Government’s Sub-acute Program for a 20 bed sub-acute Mental Health unit increasing the overall capital budget to $282.1 million.

Northern Carpark

Early works including site clearance, service diversions and the provision a new car park at the north of the site commenced at the end of 2011. These works were completed and commissioned on May 2012 and the new car park is now operational.

New Mental Health Facility

The new mental health facility is now in the construction phase with early works and service provisions soon to be completed. The official opening for the facility was held in October 2013.

Architectural impression of the new mental health building

Above: Architectural impression of the new mental health building

Acute Hospital

The new acute hospital design has progressed past concept design and into the schematic design phase. Ongoing consultation with staff, clinicians and management provides valuable input for the design team in order to further refine the design scheme. The project is expected to move into the detailed design phase in late November 2012.

Central Energy Plant / Asset Management & Mortuary

The Central Energy Plant/Asset management and mortuary building along with a new loading dock area will be constructed prior to the commencement of Phase 2. The re-locations of Mortuary and Asset Management are key moves to opening up the centre of the site.

Further Developments

The Acute Hospital construction will include the remainder of the major building works. This includes the new tower block that will contain the remaining clinical departments and will commence upon completion of Phase 1 and enabling works. Once the new acute hospital is complete the demolition of the old tower block and the construction of the entry and forecourt area will commence.

The redevelopment is to be delivered in 3 continuous phases as set out below. The phasing approach is to ensure that the Hospital remains operational throughout the redevelopment:

Phase 1

  • Construction of new facilities for acute and non-acute mental health. This phase will deliver 30 additional mental health beds (10 acute beds and 20 sub-acute beds). This will considerably improve regional capacity to respond to community needs.
  • The Planning Application for Phase 1 was lodged with the Department of Planning in December 2011. Approval was granted for this phase through the 3A process on the 15th of May 2012.
  • Phase 1 construction commenced in March 2012 and was completed in October 2013.

Phase 2

  • Once the old mental health building (Gissing House) is demolished following Phase 1 completion, construction of Phase 2 will commence in mid-2013.
  • Phase 2 will encompass the construction of the balance of acute services which will include new facilities for further inpatient units to meet the service demand up to 2021/22. Key departments include new facilities for emergency services, operating theatres and inpatient units. This phase will deliver an additional 7 emergency treatment spaces and 2 additional Emergency Medical Unit spaces.
  • Phase 2 will also deliver an expanded operating theatre and perioperative unit which will include additional operating theatres, an additional procedure room, a new medical imaging department and angiography department. A new helipad is to be built on the top level of the tower building to replace the current off-site helipad service.

Phase 3

  • This phase will commence once the existing hospital operations have been decanted into the new acute hospital building to allow the demolition of the existing tower building.
  • Following the demolition of the old hospital tower, the newly cleared space to the north of the new acute hospital will then provide the site of the new main entry to the hospital. This will included landscaped outdoor spaces and colonnade, patient drop off areas and additional parking.

The $282.1M Redevelopment of Wagga Wagga Health Service will provide a modern healthcare facility suited to the current and future needs of the regional community.

Benefits to the community include:

  • A ‘user friendly’ hospital which is integrated into the Wagga Wagga community and builds links to the adjoing health precinct;
  • Improved access to a greater range of health services;
  • Strengthened clinical networks with other hospitals, including Calvary Hospital and community health services within MLHD and across NSW; and
  • Streamlining of the patient journey through the system of health care.

The WWHS redevelopment will increase the bed capacity from 237 to 294. In addition, the redevelopment will also deliver:

  • Seven additional emergency spaces;
  • Four additional renal spaces;
  • Three additional birthing suites with a new maternity unit;
  • Additional operating theatres and a procedure room;
  • New cardiac catheter and angiography suite;
  • New and expanded medical imaging facilities; and
  • New main entrance and public amenities