15 March 2016

The Wagga Wagga Health Service (WWHS) has officially handed over the Wagga Wagga Base Hospital (WWBH) to contractors Hansen Yuncken for demolition works.

The demolition of the existing 6-storey hospital tower building will allow for the construction of a new carpark and north-facing main entrance.

Hansen Yuncken has secured the building, made the site safe by isolating services (power, water and gas), started stripping out salvageable items and commenced demolition. Hansen Yuncken has sub-contracted the works to a specialist demolition firm, a
Queensland-based company Southern Cross Demolition.

WWHS General Manager Denis Thomas said the demolition would be carefully staged to minimise any major disruption to the community and staff. “Due to the age of the building, it is anticipated builders will find hazardous materials such as asbestos that will need to be carefully removed,” Mr Thomas said.

“Any hazardous materials will be removed in accordance with WorkCover and Environment Protection Agency regulations and the contractors have set up environmental monitoring to ensure the demolition works are managed appropriately.”

The final phase of the redevelopment, which includes the new car park, is scheduled for completion in mid-2017.