Extreme heat

Thursday 19 December 2019 

As the mercury rises and hovers around 40 degrees Celsius, spare a thought for the building workers on the Wagga Wagga Health Service (WWHS) Redevelopment Stage 3 construction site.
With workplace health and safety a priority for NSW Health and CPB Contractors, the company adheres to the health policies for its own staff as well as sub-contractors working on the construction of the multi-storey Ambulatory Care Building.
CPB Project Manager Michael Martin said the site works in accordance with CPB’s as well as their sub-contractors individual heat policies. These heat policies include relocation of works to cooler parts of the site if available, to ceasing works altogether.
In addition to refrigerated water bubblers that are located throughout the site, drink stations equipped with hydration fluid, ice and shade are also being used as a place where workers can take regular breaks in a cool location. Air-conditioned lunch and change rooms also provide respite from the heat with workers taking increased breaks across the course of the day.
The heat can also halt the pouring of the suspended concrete slabs as temperatures in the late 30s can lead to difficulties in curing the concrete which can lead to imperfections in the concrete surface.
The schedule for the construction of the new Stage 3 building takes into account a range of adverse weather conditions including cold or wet weather and high winds.

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