Operational Commissioning 

Approximately 400 staff currently located on 12 different sites on the health campus and in Wagga Wagga will move into the new Health Services Hub (Stage 3 building) in 2021.

This is a significant task.

From a single location, approximately 60 sub-acute, ambulatory, community and primary health services will be offered to our patients and consumers. The services will meet the current and future needs of communities in MLHD.

Operational commissioning, led by consultant Irene Roberts, has been underway since early 2020 with the aim to provide a planned and managed approach to readying the Health Services Hub for occupation and operation.

Typical commissioning activities include: development and/or updating of operational policies and service delivery models; development of safe operating procedures and safe work practices; orientation, induction and any required training; evaluation of existing equipment to identify what can be transferred; procurement, storage and installation of furniture and equipment; provision of consumables; and relocation of existing equipment if required.

Stages of operational commissioning 

1. Ensuring that all staff/departments prepare to transition into the new building.
  • Team meetings to discuss the move and socialise the move plan
  • Decluttering and cleaning up current workplaces
  • Checking and updating policies and procedures and safe work practices
  • Checking and updating any communication collateral such as brochures
  • Working with the consultant to confirm clinic allocations and gym requirements
  • Working with the consultant to confirm allocations in the activity based working zone.
2. Hospital Operational Commissioning Phase – approximately 10 weeks
  • Ensure all departments are ready to move
  • Familiarisation, induction and training
  • Pre fill required consumables
  • Detailed opening sequence developed
  • Ensure staff are appropriately rostered.
3. Staged Move Phase – approximately 2 weeks
  • Provide support and ensure all department move and settle
  • Set up a command centre for safe transfer of patients
  • Ensure all vacated areas are left in a safe and tidy manner.
Stage 3 of the $431 million Wagga Wagga Health Service Redevelopment is delivering a multi-storey Stage 3 building known as the Health Services Hub. Its construction and operational commissioning is scheduled to be complete in early 2021. 

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