Multi storey car park

Tuesday 12 February 2019

The NSW Government has committed $30 million for a new car park for the Wagga Wagga Base

By the end of the $431 million Wagga Wagga Base Hospital redevelopment, construction will
have resulted in 4,000 jobs for the local community.

Planning for the new car park on the Wagga Wagga Base Hospital campus is progressing
following its announcement in late 2018.

Construction on the multi storey car park will start following the completion of the $431 million
hospital redevelopment in 2021. This staged process is required to deliver uninterrupted hospital
services as some existing health services are currently located within the proposed area for the
new car park.

These services will move to the new ambulatory care building once it is completed.

Additional parking will also be provided under the new ambulatory care building as part of the

The entire Wagga Wagga Redevelopment is about providing health services, not just for the city
of Wagga Wagga, but for our people in villages, towns and rural communities across the District.

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